Bush! An Analysis of Jeb Running Away From His Last Name

Throughout this year’s circus of an election, I could not help but notice that every time that Jeb Bush was asked about his last name, he responded by declaring that he was his “own” man and will make his “own” decisions as president. Okay Jeb, were you your own man while you were making millions of dollars working in the private sector? That was all you right? You, having the last name of two previous presidents and the incredible connections that come with it had nothing to do with your opportunities?

The fact that Jeb is trying to separate himself from his last name is pathetic, and he is terrible at it. Just because your signs say Jeb! does not mean that you are fooling anybody. For example in last night’s debate, the moderator mentioned that most of Jeb’s advisers will be people from previous Bush administrations. Jeb replied that if he was the one in charge and that he believed that America should not be the world’s policeman. Does this sound familiar? It should because it’s the same words his brother said in 2000 (skip to 2:09).

With that said, I think the real lesson to learn here is that no one is successful from being on their own. Everyone has support, whether it’s from their family, friends or associates. How do you think Jeb raised 100 million dollars? He had the proper network, and that network was built over the past few decades with the accomplishments of his father and his brother. Ironically with this in mind, it can be stated that Jeb Bush’s donors were paying more attention to the Bush part of his name than to Jeb.

So Jeb, you can stop being one face in front of the public and another one behind-closed-door meetings with donors. People see through your facade, and there is nothing you can do about it. You are just another Bush.


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