The Trump Bump: 5 People Who Benefited Greatly From Trump’s Rise

The Republican National Convention kicks off this week, and Donald Trump will officially become the GOP candidate for President. His ascent from political outsider to presidential nominee is unprecedented. Never before has a candidate embraced their gaffes to the point that they legitimize themselves to the voters. His provocative nature and unorthodox style and have brought scorn from detractors and praise from supporters. Yet, Trump was not the only one winning this campaign season. Those who crossed his path, whether it was directly or indirectly, attacking him or admiring him, gained invaluable press and scored numerous opportunities they otherwise would not have. Here are five people whose fortunes have been blessed by the Trump Bump.

Megyn Kelly

The Fox News reporter has been contributing to the network since 2004 and has hosted her own shows since 2010, becoming a darling to conservative viewers in the process. It was until her big moment on August 6, 2015, during the first Republican debate that her fame would expand to the wider political spectrum. During the debate, Kelly pressed Trump to comment about his misogynic statements he made in the passed and questioned if that is the proper temperament for a president. The media praised her performance and exposed her to an audience she would otherwise not have reached on Fox News. The result for her has been being the cover story for Vanity Fair, a $10 million book deal, and becoming the Barbara Walters of the FOX network. Ironically enough, her first interview was with Donald Trump. I guess we can say that everything really does come full circle for Kelly.

Corey Lewandowski

Before Trump, Lewandowski was a political operative who worked for various Congressmen and lobbied for several organizations. After meeting Trump in 2014, their styles complimented each other nicely, and Trump hired him soon after. At the time, Lewandowski never ran a Presidential candidate before and has a history working with outsider candidates. His philosophy for running the campaign was “Let Trump be Trump, and focused on organizing massive rallies and plastering Trump all over the news media. The results during the primary season were a huge success. Trump went from a joke of a candidate to a serious contender in a matter of months. Yet, after an incident with reporter Michelle Fields, the increasing influence of Paul Manafort, and concerns about his lack of experience, Lewandowski parted ways with the campaign. Three days later, he was hired by CNN as a political commentator. Not a bad gig for someone who a year ago was virtually a no-name to the American media.

Michelle Fields

Michelle Fields had been making a name for herself in the field of journalism for the past few years. Contributing to Fox News and being a political reporter for Breitbart are all credentials she can put to her name. But it was not until March of 2016 that she went from reporting the news to being the news. After a Trump press conference, she accused Corey Lewandowski of simple battery for grabbing her arm. Although prosecutors in Palm Beach County lacked enough evidence to prosecute the case and her employer Breitbart defended Lewandowski side of the story, this incident has played out very well for Fields. She received a feature piece in Vanity Fair, released a tell-all book, accepted a new job at The Huffington Post, and above all, became a household name to various media outlets. Whether she overexaggerated her allegations for political gain or had a legitimate claim of abuse, the only thing for sure is that without Trump, she would probably still be just another reporter at Breitbart.

Milo Yiannopolis

The Breitbart technology editor has been gaining increased exposure in the American media ever since his Dangerous Faggot Tour graced college campuses throughout the country. Ironically enough, it seems like when people try to silence him, it only fuels his rise in popularity. Whether if it’s becoming unverified by Twitter or reflecting heinous attacks from the left and right of the political spectrum, Milo has used all of this to increase his appeal. He presents himself as a renegade coming to destroy the narrative that the media deploys by being a gay conservative, saying controversial statements such as feminism is cancer and Black Lives Matter is a hate group. His provocative nature, unapologetic narcissism, and stances on political correctness make him a natural passenger for the Trump Train. Overall, Milo’s support of Trump has increased his appeal as an outsider and his posts about it has caused numerous reactions among his fans and detractors alike.

The Media

The media is not a person but an institution, and by far it has benefited the most from Trump’s rise. This season’s campaign cycle has become a culmination of both Trump’s and the media’s evolution. Being in the public spotlight for over thirty years, Trump has mastered working the media; he does it so well that he even lied about being his own publicist. Mainstream television news has been steadily creeping away from honest and unbiased media and towards what stories bring in the most advertising dollars. This year’s Republican debates are the perfect example of that; were the most watched in history because of Trump’s presence. Furthermore, for major news websites, it’s all about what attracts the most traffic, and stories bashing Trump do the trick no matter how inaccurate they may be. Now with the general election in full swing and four months to go until November, the media whoring for Trump headlines will undoubtedly continue.