The System is Rigged: The Consequences of the DNC Favoring Clinton over Sanders

On July 22nd, Wikileaks released almost 20,000 emails documenting correspondences among high-level DNC officials.  The emails give us a glimpse into the world of Democratic party machine and how the Democratic National Committee, a supposedly neutral platform, actively violated that premise by actively favoring Hillary Clinton while conspiring against Bernie Sanders. This confirms how many Bernie supporters have felt throughout this election cycle, that the DNC did not want a competitive primary and was out to undermine Sanders. There are plenty of emails that indicate this fact.

Whether it was the email trying to build a negative narrative of the Sanders campaign, spread rumors that Sanders is an atheist, calling Hillary Clinton the presumptive nominee, dismissing interviews with commentators who support Sanders, or protecting Debbie Wasserman-Schultz from embarrassing herself because her colleagues knew that Bernie would destroy her in a 1-1 segment, all of these examples point to one obvious conclusion. It is not about the will of the people that matters in the two-party system, but the will of the elites. Clinton was practically ordained the nominee before her campaign officially begun. Bernie Sanders sadly never stood a chance.

By subverting the will of the people through coordination or superdelegates, the Democrats have placed themselves in the unfortunate position not only to lose the election but lose the party itself. The Republicans are in a similar boat in terms of party unity. Their party is deeply fractured between Trump supporters and the Never Trump Movement; Ted Cruz’s speech to “vote your conscience” only confirms that. Yet the difference between the Democrats and Republicans is at least Republicans did not screw Trump over when he clinched the nomination. In fact, their base is fired up and are coming out in droves to vote for him. Hillary could not be more opposite. If the Democrats showed at least some courtesy to Bernie instead of blatantly working against him, then his supporters would be more likely to support Clinton.

The most ironic part about this whole scandal is that Democrats would have a better chance of winning the election if Sanders was the candidate. Polls consistently show Sanders crushing Trump in the polls while Clinton continues to struggle with her favorability ratings and polling against Trump. It would have been in the best interest of the Democratic Party now and in the future to have Bernie as their candidate. He has proven to energize the base and attract new voters to the party while Clinton fails to shake off the weight of scandals that keeps pulling her down.

Furthermore, as more people see the two-party system do not represent their interests but the interests of a few, they will be more inclined to look for alternatives. This is especially true for millennials. Never since Ross Perot has third-party candidates have seen such a surge of interest. Gary Johnson is polling in double-digits and Jill Stein is starting to win over disenfranchised Sanders supporters. What we are witnessing is the breakdown of the two-party system that is going to be replaced with new parties that have very different platforms than the status-quo of the past several decades. I am looking forward to seeing what rises from the ashes and hope that a new political system for the 21st century that responds to the needs of all citizens grows from it.