Gamechanger: The Speech Hillary Clinton Needs to Make Tonight

Hillary Clinton will address the Democratic National Convention. Her speech comes in the wake of a damning email scandal and at a time when American politics are at a boiling point. Throughout this election, Hillary has failed to capture the trust of Americans while Trump has proven himself to be the ultimate persuader. Her untrustworthiness is at a whopping 68%, and she faces an uphill battle in an election where appearing authentic matters. She needs to adjust quickly, or she will lose.

In her speech tonight, she needs to go off her usual script. If I were in the same place as Hillary Clinton, my speech would go something like this:

Good Evening,

Today, America is at a crossroads, and we are facing two very different paths. In a world where extremist leaders are rising worldwide, the time is now is to learn from our past and look forward to our future.

The ascendancy of far-right nationalists today is not so much different than in the 1930s when fascist leaders covered the continent of Europe. Back then the world outlook was bleak, and people were looking towards charismatic leaders to save them. These leaders conjured passions of the greatness of a nation and that the nation’s golden age was ruined by outsiders.  The result of this rhetoric was a fractured Europe that was complacent with an aggressive Third Reich, creating a culture that ultimately led up to World War II. We have learned from our history that building walls and closing ourselves off from the world have lead to disastrous consequences. Let us not make the same mistake this century.

Donald Trump is a bigot who uses fear to derive his power. He builds up boogeymen to scare the American people into accepting his ludicrous proposals that will not solve the underlying problems. The Republican Platform that he represents is the most regressive and dangerous agenda in history. Demonizing Mexicans with lies, calling coal a clean energy source, using religion to guide lawmakers, denying civil rights to the LGBT community, and making no exceptions for abortion in cases of rape are some examples of policies listed in it, and today that is the party of Donald Trump. He is a man who invokes foreign powers such as Russia to attack American cyberspace and threatens a judge’s impartiality that is ruling on his case; the former could be considered treason and the latter undermines the American Judicial System. Furthermore, Donald Trump has no experience about how the public sector works and his actions should disqualify him from running; I am Trump’s polar opposite in those regards.

After living and working with my husband side by side in the White House for eight years, I became Senator of New York. From my experience, I understand how the levers of Congress works and what it takes to pass effective legislation. The media likes to highlight my failures but ignore my successes such as creating the Violence against Women office at the DOJ, taking a leading role for investigator the health consequences of 9/11 first responders, and expanded healthcare coverage to millions of children.

Furthermore, as Secretary of State, I developed working relationships with leaders from around the world. I helped broker compromises between Hamas and Israel and negotiated pivotal free trade agreements with our allies. The Constitution states that one of the primary responsibilities of the Presidency is being the face of America in the realm of Foreign Affairs. No one has been more prepared for this office than me.

Now I have not said this before, but my own corruption blinds me. Being in the elite circles of the Beltway for all these years have prevented me from connecting with the vast majority Americans. Using a private email server for sending classified information is one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I realize that if I were a low-level state department official who did that, my career would be over. Also, honoring Debbie Wasserman-Shultz as a campaign chair is a blatant example of the Washington Culture of trading favors that the American public is enraged with right now. Yet, what you do not realize is that deed for Debbie is one small fish in the polluted sea of people owing others; everyone is shady in this Washington Game of Thrones, and I am just playing the game. 

Even Senator Sanders, a man who has been in Congress for 25 years, understands the game too.  He has fought valiantly this campaign season for issues such as raising the minimum wage, decreasing income equality, and reforming campaign finance. He compromised with me, and together we have created the most progressive platform in history. Senator’ Sanders’s movement to change the system has been absorbed into my agenda for a better America.

Honestly, I wonder what you would discover if Wikileaks released a treasure-trove of Republican National Committee emails. You would probably find a lot of things similar to the DNC hack; disgruntled messages from donors who are asking why their party is being taken from an outsider insurgent, conservative journalists having their articles edited by the RNC communications chair, and donors who are rewarded with special positions. The RNC is just lucky their secrets have not been exposed.

Republicans and Democrats this election season are fighting each other over who can create a better America for the American people. The two parties are not perfect, but this system is the only option we have right nowIn 2016, one of two choices will most likely be President. Trump’s temperant, ignorance of facts and reality, and promotion of dangerous policies will lead America down an irreversible path of decline. If Trump has proven anything this campaign cycle, its how easy it is to shake him. I, in contrast, have been in the world of Washington politics for almost 30 years. I have dealt with disastrous situations with grace and built an empire of good in the world. Trust me to be your steady hand.

Thank You and God Bless America