Why Trump Won

On November 8th, 2016, Donald Trump was declared to be the next President of the United States. Not only that, he handily beat Hillary Clinton by attaining over 300 votes in the electoral college. From the beginning of Trump’s campaign, all the pundits doubted him, but they could not have been more wrong, and all the power players in both parties tried to denounce him, but their efforts were even more futile. Hillary seemed like she had everything going for her. From a highly organized campaign machine to a robust fundraising apparatus, not to mention a multitude of celebrity appearances leading up to election day. Yet none of that could save Hillary from defeat. Many are asking how could this happen; how could a man with zero political experience and virtually no organization win the Presidency? The answer is easy to conclude when you analyze what wins elections.


On the days prior to the election, Trump was holding 5-6 rallies a day in multiple states with thousands of people waiting hours in line just to see him speak. As Trump campaign officials said, if they were willing to stand online that long for a political rally, then they were more likely to show up at the polls and bring friends with them. People were extremely motivated to vote for Trump.

But Hillary Clinton? Not so much. As Bill Maher put it, he was as excited to vote for Hillary as he was for getting a flu shot. That kind of attitude does not win elections, and many of the supporters of that showed up for Bernie did not have the same fervor for Clinton. In what Michael Moore calls the “depressed Bernie vote” even if his supporters did vote for Clinton, they did not have the enthusiasm to bring others to the polls with them. In addition, the coalition of voters that brought Barack Obama into office did not show up for Hillary. And believe it or not, Trump did better with blacks and Latinos than Romney did in 2012.


Appeal to Voters 

Hillary and Democrats completely missed the mark on appealing to crucial demographics of the population, and the election map clearly proves that. She lost all the rust belt states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc. because they forgot about a very important voter base, blue collar lower-middle-class whites. Both CNN and the New York Times acknowledge this. Whether they are farmers, miners, factory workers, etc., they cannot relate to the topics Lena Dunham’s speech at the Democratic National Convention about being a “pro-choice, feminist, sexual assault survivor with a chronic reproductive illness.” They are stressing too much about their own livelihoods and their children’s future.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, addressed their concerns on a regular basis. Immigration and trade policy were the foundations of his campaign, and it resonated deeply with that base of voters. One of the lines he repeated throughout his campaign was “Clinton tells her supporters to say ‘I’m With Her’ and I say I am with you.” He tapped into the energy of a group of Americans that felt like they were being left behind by the Democratic Party and was rewarded with a landslide victory.

Master of Persuasion 

Trained Hypnotist and comic book artist Scott Adams predicted that Trump would win in a landslide because of his mastery of persuasion. What many people thought as immature remarks and ridiculous proposals were techniques to guide the prospective voter into a certain way of thinking. For example, the nicknames he branded people. Every time he mentioned Clinton, he always referred to her as ‘Crooked Hillary’ and did so repeatedly. Now every time an FBI Investigation or Wikileaks release regarding Hillary is reported by the media; it reaffirms Trump’s ‘Crooked’ assertion about her.

Meanwhile, Clinton did all the things in persuasion to help Trump. One of her slogans was ‘Love Trumps Hate’ where the first two words are literally ‘Love Trump.’ Also, Trump has innate charisma while Hillary admittedly is not a ‘natural politician.’ She failed to connect with voters in a genuine way, and her attempts to do so were forced, she literally had to be told when to smile during speeches.


Neither all the money in the world nor support from major media could save Hillary from her own weaknesses. And now Donald Trump is set to be the 45th President of the United States.