Millennials, Multiple Hustles, and How the Internet Economy is Disrupting Everything

When I graduated from college, I had no idea what I was going to do after. It was a position that I and many of my peers were in as we entered the ‘real world’ in 2016. Countless job applications, repetitive cover letters, and hours completing interviews, and the response that I was reciprocated with was “you are a smart guy with a good head on your shoulders, but you would be a better fit elsewhere.” The whole job process was very irritating.

For us who were born at the dawn of the internet age, we are the generation who spent an 1,120% more for a college degree than our parents and enter an economy where there are fewer “good jobs” than there were 30 years ago. According to a Stanford University Study, Millenials and Generation Z are much less likely earn more than their parents. The collective aspiration of the American Dream as we know it that defined several generations has reached a crescendo and as it fades, a unique ballad is beginning to emerge for us.

Our time right now presents itself as a new note in history, the internet age. By accelerating the pace in which exchanges take place, the internet provides a platform that defies old boundaries and manifests new connections. It is filled with immense potential for those who recognize it now; Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sam Kazemian all did. The 20th-century path in life of go to college, get a job, will not apply in the 21st century because people will discover alternatives to attending University, and people will not have one job, but multiple hustles.

We already see some of these changes happening now. Apps like Uber and Airbnb are enticing people to utilize their time and what they own to make extra money for themselves. Amazon and Etsy tearing down the storefront and are constructing the online marketplace. Educational Institutions like Harvard are offering all its courses online for free of charge. The platforms that are emerging today are moving the hustle of tomorrow into cyberspace. Some people have decided to go beyond the platforms available and start from scratch.

For example, Miles Anthony and Alejandro Rioja are creating their own brand for their company, Flux. Using portable charges as a foundation, they plan to make Flux a juggernaut in innovative products and world class services. Furthermore, they both have side hustles. Alejandro runs the website Majorkeys and is blowing up on Snapchat while Miles has his own baus blog and also makes t-shirts. They both see how the economy is shifting and are learning the proper skills necessary to achieve success in it.

For myself I have a few hustles going. As an Executive Editor at Everipedia, I am creating content for thousands of people daily and spreading the gospel of infinite crowdsourced knowledge to the masses. Frequency of the Unknown is making a name for itself to the blog game with a growing base of daily readers. In addition, I have been writing for several websites where my work has received wide acclaim.

We may all be doing all of these things, but a huge part of our success is through collaboration with others. Miles, Alejandro, and I all actively contribute to one another’s projects and actively seek contemporaries to work with. By doing so, we are building in return experience, exposure, and the future we want for ourselves.