A Review of You’re Imagining Things and How Where You Direct Your Attention is Magic

There has been a tradition that spans back to ancient times that attempts to communicate to people how to live the life you desire for yourself. The authors may be different, and their words may have changed, but the message given is still the same. You’re Imagining Things by A.T.L. Carver is a self-help book the follows in the tradition of Think and Grow Rich and The Secret but updated for the cyber-minded reader for the 21st century. The chapters are short and to the point; the piece took me less than an hour to read. Nonetheless, that still does not demean the book in any way at all and even more so enhances its value because You’re Imagining Things proves to be the ideal introduction for a newcomer to the “law of attraction” while also being the perfect refresher for those already similar with the subject.

Without giving too much detail away, the strengths of You’re Imagining Things comes from its ability to articulate concepts that anyone can relate to. For example, one of my favorite metaphors in the book is how the subconscious mind is an ancient spaceship, and in order to navigate it properly, you need to feed it the proper coordinates through your imagination. As one quote goes, “It’s no coincidences that we use the word “visionary” to describe the great movers and shakers of history.”

If You’re Imagining Things teaches you anything, it will teach you to be more aware of your thoughts and how to direct your attention properly; these two concepts go hand and hand. Think of your attention as a surfboard and your thoughts as waves in the ocean. Just as waves come up, they crash onto the shore, and the cycle repeats itself. The same is true for thoughts, they pop into your head and then disappear. What attention comes down to is the emotional response you have riding on that thought, which later manifests into your reality. You’re Imagining Things is a metaphysical surf lesson for life, and even when tides of doubt try to set you off balance, the book will teach you how to center yourself in your sea of thoughts.

Today, we live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with messages on how to think and feel. These cultural ideas often interfere from what we truly desire in life and instead direct our attention towards goals we really do not want. Influenced by great minds such as Plato, Carl Jung, and Scott Adams, You’re Imagining Things is a step by step hack into your subconscious to block out distractions and tune your conscious mind to the proper frequency. By the time you put into practice the lessons in this book, you will think that the results are magic, but in reality, it’s you taking initiative in your life.

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