How Recent Media Headlines Show Differences Between Corporate and Alternative Media

The past week of political theater has reached a boiling point of controversy. The firing of James Comey by Donald Trump has created a firestorm about Russia’s involvement in the election across the corporate media while new conspiracy theories about Seth Rich’s death for passing information to Wikileaks has equally riled up the alternative media. Both sides have put extreme emphasis on each event, catapulting them to front page headlines.

What these two events have in common is that both are merely accusations without conclusions yet. There is still an investigation going on whether Trump colluded with Russia and if the death of Seth Rich was more than just a robbery. It’s hard to just to blame Putin not just for hacking but for the massive loss the Democrats faced in November when you have the DNC with weak passwords and John Podesta falling for a phishing email due to a typo not to mention the failure of Hillary to connect with voters. Although this does not eliminate the possibility of the Kremlin’s intentions to “hack the election,” it does show the gross incompetence of the Democratic Party and how they are going as far as threatening to impeach Donald Trump rather than admit their own faults. In the case of Seth Rich, it does seem sketch that nothing was stolen in the deadly robbery attempt and that Julian Assange offered $20,000 for information leading to solving Seth Rich’s murder, but Seth’s family dismissed claims about Seth being in contact with Wikileaks. Since the legacy/corporate media has invested their resources reporting any whether Trump is connected to Russia or not, 4chan has taken the reins in solving Seth Rich’s murder. If there is one thing certain, no matter what you think of Trump, the corporate media clearly has it out for him and has doubled down on their rhetoric since the election.

One extreme instance of this is Keith Olberman who is happily whipping up a frenzy. Look at his GQ web series, aptly named The Resistance, where recently he literally cried for a coup; “We, the citizens of the United States of America, are the victims of a coup. We need your leaks, your information, your intelligence, your recordings, your videos, your conscience. The civilian government and the military of the United States are no longer in the hands of the people. Nor in the control of any responsible individual on whom you can rely.” For one, it’s hard to take Keith Olberman seriously as the voice of “The Resistance.” From MSNBC to ESPN, his career has been spent in the circles of media elites. It must be easy to call for revolution in comfort with paychecks rolling in and regardless of the results, Keith will be looking for his next opportunity to cash out.

In the cases of Seth Rich, James Comey, and Russia, it’s important to get to the truth because of its broad implications. All of these stories are intertwined with each other and the conclusions of them will determine the strength of America’s institutions of power. The duality of fates is this; there is either more of a threat to the United States from a foreign country that desires to pursue interests that are at odds with the U.S. or there is more of a threat from within the United States whose a power class feels so endangered that it will go to great lengths to maintain the status-quo. Speaking about the reporting on these developments, there is a difference between legacy media and alternative outlets. The old guard media is tanking, and appeals to sensationalism similar to clickbait sites are one of the few ways they can stay relevant. The new media does not have to worry about stockholders and have alternatives rather than relying on ad revenue to support themselves. When deciding on where to consume your information from, keep in mind where their interests are and where their money is coming from in order to keep creating content.